War for Talent: Threat or Opportunity?

War for Talent: Threat or Opportunity?

The War for Talent is far from over and has been given a whole new dimension after COVID-19. And so, it’s time to address this topic head on! In today’s blog, we will explain why the war for talent should be on your radar and what your company can do to win this ‘war’. Usually, in a ‘war’ there are no winners, but this one is far from usual!


The War for Talent defined

The war for talent does not literally mean that there is a war of course. But there is a real battle going on between companies that want to recruit the best talents in the industry. A lot of companies are looking for graduated students with the best grades, or new employees with the best experiences. Besides that, many sectors are dealing with a talent shortfall, such as the Facility Management sector. There simply aren’t enough talented professionals to fill the gaps. That, on top of the demands for “qualified staff” going up, has led to an actual war for talent. This is the reason these ‘talents’ are hired by a company almost immediately after becoming available.


What does this mean for your company?

Creating the best teams and recruiting talent has become harder than ever. The war for talent makes the recruitment process different than before. Especially when it comes to recruiting the next generations. The youngest generations do not look for a job at Indeed. If you want to reach them, use their language. With that, we mean their social media platforms such as Youtube or Instagram. Also, The Next Gen is not looking for a job. They are looking for a community to join and be part of. So not only promote the role: also promote your organization and your team. Explain what makes your organization unique. In traditional recruiting, we often see a list of requirements that’s often not realistic and then a list of benefits that includes a “good salary”. That won’t lead you to the win in this war for talent any longer.


Some more Next Gen insights

The expectations of the Next Gen talents have shifted, and money is no longer the main incentive for employees. Especially younger talents are more interested in career developments, mentoring and a comfortable working environment than money. Also, remote working is an actual make or break for young talents. Especially Millennials will pass on your offer if they’re not allowed to work remotely (!). For them, an optimal work-life balance is key, and that’s what they will be looking for when selecting an employer.


Time for action

It’s time for action. What can you do to win this war for talent? First, take a close look at your company to see if these measures are necessary and worth it. You may be winning this war for talent to begin with. If you’re not, take a look at these tips & tricks:

1. Hire the diamonds in the rough.

It doesn’t always make sense to hire the top talents. Sometimes the diamonds in the rough are more flexible, more eager to learn and therefore more valuable to your organization

2. Attractive working environment.

You don’t need to be like Google to win the war for talent. Would be nice though. All jokes aside: the working environment can really make all the difference in the world. Style the office with light or bright colors, no boring furniture and spots to connect with others. Also, set up social events for employees to connect. The Next Gen is all about that community feel. Especially as an FM, you have a huge impact to make here.

3. Employer branding.

Employer branding is about carrying out who you are as an organization, what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve that. You can create a positive narrative by creating positive stories. On the right social media, that is. Also, select your employees not only based on skills but also on norms and values. If the applicant has shared norms and values, they will feel comfortable much easier in your company and will also be more likely to work with your organization.


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