The Facility Management Talent Program


Certified Talent

All professionals hold a Bachelor degree in Facility Management.

Flexible Resources

Evaluate on a yearly basis what resources you need.

New Knowledge

Sharing knowledge across borders brings a new perspective.

Safety Net 

Make use of our global team of Facility coaches and trainers.

Support Facility Goals

By flexibly putting together the best team at any time.

Attract the Next Gen

To make sure your Facility department remains future-proof.

facility management talent program

"Time spent on hiring, is time well spent."

Within now and 5-10 years, 50% of all Facility Managers will retire and that is exactly why this quote is more true than ever. A War on Talent has never been more real than today and that's exactly what we have witnessed with our clients in recent years. Especially in countries where Facility Management is not as well-known and every kid wants to grow up being a pilot ;-), it is hard to find the right people. 

In our home-base, The Netherlands, we are fortunate enough to have 9 universities offering Bachelor and Master degrees in Facility Management, delivering thousands of graduates every year. As teachers in Facility Management, we have been able to build our network off of that and also extend network that across the globe. 

Therefore, we help many organizations to connect with new talent and win the war (on talent, that is). To include the next generation in our amazing profession, to help your organization thrive and to help our sector develop.

The World of YES supported us all steps of the way and made the process really easy on us, so that we could focus on our client.

Daniel - United States

Because of the Talent Program that these professionals are in, we know that we always get the best people for the role but at the same time it's also an extended network for us that we use whenever we need to double check or want some external input.

Ellen - Sweden

The World of YES takes away a lot of hassle for us. Also, I like the fact that we openly discuss our goals so that they are able to help me source the right type of professional at any given time.

Derek - United Kingdom

More information about our services

The Talent Program

The Talent Program enables flexible deployment of talent within your organization to provide you with the right set of knowledge and skills anytime, anywhere. Based on your organizational goals for the upcoming year, we will match you with a certified facility professional. Because the professional is part of our Talent Program, he/she - and thus you - has access to our extended network of Team YES coaches and trainers at all times. They are always there as a safety net to advise you or brainstorm with you.

Flexible Resources

All professionals are employed by us and lent to you to minimize the risks and paperwork on your end. After the standard employment duration of one year, we re-evaluate your goals. Based on that, you decide whether you would like to continue to work with the individual, whether you need him/her at another branch or in another country, or if you need another type of professional as your goals have developed.

Certified Facility Professional

We only work with certified Facility professionals, which means that the professional has at least completed a specialized Bachelor or Master's degree in Facility Management. Therefore, they adapt to any new organization incredibly fast. In addition to that, all professionals we work with have 0-4 years of working experience and usually fill junior or medior positions. Roles that our professionals often take on include (Assistant) Facility Manager, Facility Coordinator or Facilities Project Manager.

Want to know more?

Thank you for your super fast service!

Dennis - Germany

The World of YES goes way beyond recruiting. I appreciate them thinking along with what's best for our team and organization, this is a real added value to us and basically I never need to worry. 

testimonial the world of yes

Melissa - United States

Thanks Team YES and a special thank you to Sanne for your incredible service.

Laura - United Kingdom

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