Share knowledge across borders and help both professionals and organizations develop: that is our mission at The World of YES. Only if we work together, we can thrive. As professionals, as organizations, and as a sector. It doesn't matter if you are a facilities employee, a facilities manager or the facilities director, our goal is to support you in your daily work with the newest trends, the most up-to-date knowledge and most of all: the best talent for your team. With our Talent Program, we aim to connect professionals and organizations in an effort to increase knowledge sharing, increase flexibility of work and increase focus.  

Facility Training ProgramsFacility Interns are also part of The World of YES family.

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Founders of The World of YES

Yvet Brummelhuis (right) has a great passion for international business and therefore starting The World of YES was a dream come true! Because of her past experiences as a consultant and Facility Management teacher at the Dutch university, sharing knowledge and exciting insights about the sector is what she loves to do the most. Yvet is extremely passionate about making Facility Management a career of choice for the next generations, and to help organizations connect with them and understand these generations to the best of their abilities. In daily practice, Yvet is responsible for our international network - whenever she's not creating delicious lunches.

Sanne Anvelink (left) loves to get the best out of people. Whether it is all about increasing   knowledge or working on developing their skills. This passion started when she was in a management role for a large service provider and only expanded in her role as a Facility Management teacher at the Dutch university. Nowadays, Sanne works with all kinds of professionals on a daily basis to help them with their next step. Besides that, within team The World of YES, Sanne is focussing on providing the best support to our community and make sure that the team has a lot of fun during work ;-)

Our Services

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Free Strategic Session

Let's have a 30 minute latte and brainstorm with you how you can solve any challenge you face when it comes to (young) Facility talent.
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Talent Program

Increase  flexibility, expand knowledge and take next steps in your Facility department's development. Get access to our infinite pool of Facility talent here.
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Stay up-to-date with the latest sector news on The Next Gen's and how to gain and retain (young) talent in Facility Management.

What others say about us

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Darren - Facility Director
YES always delivers the right resources for my team so that we can keep building!
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Mike - Real Estate & Facility Director
The fact that YES doesn't only deliver the right person, but thinks along in what we need in terms of where we stand as a business, makes all the difference in the world.
Ms. Nameless
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Angela - Facilities Supervisor

The support by Team YES is really amazing, they are fast, easy to work with and their network really comes in handy if we need some extra eyes and ears to advise us. 
Ms. Nameless
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